Ancient and you can modern Armenian men and women labels in addition to their meaning. Armenian lady names Armenian brands nune
Ancient and you can modern Armenian men and women labels in addition to their meaning. Armenian lady names Armenian brands nune
Ancient and you can modern Armenian men and women labels in addition to their meaning. Armenian lady names Armenian brands nune

County from the south part of the Caucasus. Limits having Azerbaijan, Iran, Poultry and you will Georgia. The administrative centre is Yerevan. People - step 3,008,a hundred (2015). With regards to the 2011 census, Armenians make up 98.1% of your own populace. The most significant ethnic minorities: Yezidis (1.17%), Russians (0.4%), Assyrians (0.09%), Kurds (0.09%), Ukrainians (0.04%). The state code is actually Armenian. 96.5% of believers when you look at the Armenia try followers of your own Armenian Apostolic Chapel (primarily Armenians). Also widespread: new Evangelical Chapel - 1.01% of your own total number out of believers (primarily Armenians), the Shar-Fadin church - 0.9% of your own final number from believers (Yezidis, Kurds, Persians) and you will a number of other people.

The statistics towards the names out of babies try leftover and you may blogged by the Federal Statistical Solution of your Republic out of Armenia. The woman site includes pdf-files which have statistics for about 50 popular brands because 2006. Inside the 2006-2007, it had been merely within the Armenian), when you look at the 2008 - for the Russian, as the 2009 - within the Armenian, English and you may Russian. New labels is actually listed in descending buy away from regularity. Wavelengths are shown from inside the sheer numbers (we.elizabeth., how many betrothed). The details for the most frequent brands away from babies was composed when it comes to press releases in may (towards the earlier season).

Gayane - step 1

Here you will find the analytics having 20 common names having 2014. Website links in order to profiles that have analysis for almost all earlier age can be found in the new shed-down listing off to the right of your own going, before the text (find Look for annually). Likewise, I'm able to inform you the fresh new etymology from names (see following the dining table with girls names).

Alex is a borrowing from the bank of Western european languages, in which it is an acronym towards title Alexander, Alexandre etc (translated out-of Greek "to guard" + "man"). Aram - step 1. Armenian "noble". dos. Aramaic. The fresh new biblical character Aram known - the fresh predecessor of one's Arameans. 3. Iranian ("peace, consolation") Which name's in the Orthodox schedule about form Joaram.Aren - Compliment of etymology, "divine" try in the title of head proto-Armenian (Aryan) god Ar (sun god). But not, it can be traced back into the Indo-Eu root ar (represented regarding label of your god Ar, on toponyms Armenia, Ararat, Urartu) - "fire". Arman - step 1. Iranian ("dream, desire"). dos. Old Germanic ("solid, strong" + "man"). Armen - 1. Armenian ("soul of one's Aryans")mon supply with toponym Armenia. dos. Greek ("destiny"). step three. Perhaps associated with Iranian Armand.Arsen - Armenian interaction so you're able to Greek in the provider label Arseny ("Husband, son, courageous"). Arthur - step one. Out-of Celtic ("bear"). dos. Away from Iranian ("fire" + "sun"). step three. Importante Armenian ("brave; Aryan" + "sword"). Armenian etymology means substantiation by the proving historic rates with this specific name, while this is maybe not around, it highly is much like the new thus-titled. "Visitors etymology". Ashot - step one. Iranian ("fire"). 2. Armenian ("world, planet"). step three. Derived title Asud out-of Ancient Urartu. Gagik - Armenian ("peak, mountain" otherwise "heavenly"). Hayk (and additionally Hayk, Hayk) - with respect to new legendary progenitor of your own Armenian anyone. Sometimes you'll find the fresh new translation "strong-man, hero". Gevork - Armenian correspondence towards the Greek resource of identity George ("Farmer"). Horus - Armenian ("proud"). David was old Hebrew ("beloved"). Narek - throughout the name of the ancient Armenian town Narek.Samvel - Armenian interaction towards old Hebrew identity Samuel ("Shem try Goodness"). Sarkis - Armenian telecommunications for the Latin origin of one's title Sergey (maybe "protector, servant"). Tigran - 1. Iranian ("tiger"). dos. Armenian ("sacred person"). Eric is likely a borrowing from European dialects. Eric (Erik) - Danish and you can Swedish particular title Erich (interpreted from Old High German "mighty; prince").

Mary - Hebrew (presumably "dear, desired")

Anahit - on behalf of new deity Anahit: inside the Armenian mythology, the mother deity, the newest goddess of fertility and you will love. Ani - in the label of your city Ani, not, it is not obvious about what; a few particularly metropolises is actually understood: that are to the right lender of Euphrates, and you can contrary Kamaha, and the almost every other is actually towards the Akhuryan River. Hasmik - "jasmine". Greek ("earthly"). 2. Armenian ("domestic, family"). Gohar - Iranian (“pearl, beloved stone.” About Turkic dialects, it matches Gaukhar, Goukhar.Lilith 's the earliest spouse out of Adam from inside the Jewish mythology. step 1. Old Hebrew ("nocturnal" or "owl bird (a form of owl)"). dos. Sumerian ("air, wind; spirit, ghost"). elizabeth e. Nare - It is believed that the latest feminized particular title Narek (see the area into the male names). Susanna try Hebrew ("white water lily").

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